I'm Akshay Rajput

I'm a Frontend developer.

I'm also into UI/UX.

My Skills

A list of languages / frameworks that I've learnt so far.

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Some of my featured projects.

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Kvell - Social Media App

ReactJs Redux toolkit Styled-components TailwindCss Express MongoDb JWT Auth
A full-stack social media app. Features include create posts, like/comment on posts, notifications, view profiles, edit profile, follow users, search a post or user, user authentication, etc.
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Wisp - Video library app

ReactJs Context + Reducer MintUI Express MongoDb JWT Auth
A full-stack video library app of videos related to vocabulary learning. Features include JWT Authentication, user profile, playlist management, dynamic routing, save videos, etc.

My Blog

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My latest blogs are featured here.

How I made my own CSS framework akin to TailwindCSS?

SCSS CSS framework Tailwind
I decided to make my own framework to gain a better understanding of how it all works and test my CSS skills. I also used it in some of my react projects to test its usability, check this project where I ended up using it.

How to keep your footer at bottom of the page?

flexbox css footer
Have you run into this problem where the footer on your site does not stay at the bottom of the page, even if it is the last tag in your html body. Especially if you are new to web development, you'll run into this problem. There are ways of making sure your footer stays at bottom, but most of those methods have some kind of caveat.
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